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Preparing for the Album Release (May 12, 2009)

Hey, fam!!! Wow…it’s been like forever…it feels like it for me anyway…I promised to keep you updated and in the loop…I have slacked a bit…but hey I’m back…
I’m tellin’ ya - this independent thing ain’t no joke, talk about lots of work! I now have a deeper appreciation for independent artists!!! I’m grateful for the driving force (my team) I have behind me working this project with commitment, passion and belief!!!
The few months have been crazy busy preparing for the release of my album. There have been tears of joy, disappointment, frustration, and complete happiness…my deep passion for this project is one I can’t explain…wanting nothing but the best…I’ll admit at times fear seeps in and gets the best of me, holding me stagnant until that breakthrough comes. I’m more than thankful for the true supporters…you all have inspired this project from the beginning and throughout this process. From the day this vision was birthed (November 2007) to today, the road hasn’t been easy but it’s been well worth it! The expression of love and support I experience from you is more than enough. Every email, text message, phone call, facebook/myspace message and prayer of support has been a positive seed planted that has carried me through. And for all that I’m grateful…I’m constantly reminded by folks that this project is more than me…and that’s what drives me…
A vacation was so needed for me by the middle of March as I was feeling emotionally, financially, physically and mentally drained yet trying to maintain an outer appearance like all is well…I know some can relate…trying to keep positive as much as possible…well lets say thank God for the JUNOs! Yea, that was my vacation and ‘hey’ so well deserved…I felt a sense of relief on that flight from Toronto to Vancouver…and the weekend was an awesome one!!! Had a chance to catch Divine Brown’s show that didn’t disappoint, partied like there was no tomorrow from touchdown to take-off, took pictures of…should I say it Aisha? lol…naw!!! (What’s done in Vancouver stays in Vancouver)…Suit and tie’d it up at the Saturday night Gala and enjoyed watching some great Canadian talent at the televised awards show. My favourite event of the whole weekend, however, was the Songwriters Circle that showcased some amazing talent in a more intimate and acoustic setting. It was a pleasure meeting some wonderful people and taking in the great city of Vancouver…looking forward to 2010 in Newfoundland!!!
…So finally, I’m extremely proud to announce the release of my sophomore album The Rebirth of…Tuesday, June 9, 2009! Don’t forget to cop that album!!!! I’m excited for you to hear what it is I’ve been working on over the last year and to experience the ‘rebirth’…
My first single ‘I Know You’re Out There’ has received support from radio stations across the country and a big thank you to radio for the support and those who have requested to have it played on their local stations. Big Up! The video is finally released and is ready for you to view (,,, and MuchVIBE television). Enjoy!!!
The release of my second single ‘Jump Off’ featuring Blessed will be released the week of May 18th online so be sure to check back and take in the new joint…it’s got a serious reggae flavour and I believe it’s gonna be a summer jam, but I’ll let y’all be the judge…
Now, with the release of my album there will be release parties taking place both in Toronto and Halifax so I’m hoping you come out in support of the new album! Would love to see you there…
Tuesday, June 9, 2009
Revival (783 College Street @ Shaw)
Doors: 7pm / Performance: 8pm
Admission: $8 (19+)
Thursday, June 11, 2009
Coconut Grove
(1567 Grafton St, above Sicilian @ the Pizza Corner)
Doors: 8pm / Performance: 9pm
Admission: $8 (19+)
At both events, I’ll be performing with a 7-piece band so again, hope to see you in the flesh!!! I’ll also keep you posted on other performance dates as they come. See you soon…
And it’s a wrap!!!
Gary Beals Release Party

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